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Practical Stream


This course will not only give you information on various methods of evangelism, such as "cell church", but will inspire you for evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit. We will emphasise evangelism principles found in the Word of God and exampled by the life of Jesus, which give us a strategy for reaching the lost.

Spiritual Warfare

This controversial subject is again an essential part of our understanding of the working of God in the affairs of the nations. Such issues as "strongholds", "addressing principalities and powers", among others will be considered.

Prayer and Intercession

Learn to process your desire, through discipline, into delight! A practical training course which will seek to impart a spirit of prayer and intersession for your homes, neighbourhoods and the nations.

Developing a Personal Prayer Life

A fresh look at personal prayer - This course could revitalise your prayer life! For many evangelicals, prayer has been seen as something of a cerebral or verbal exercise. We tend to associate prayer with thinking about God and speaking to him. But there are more ways of relating to God than this - and all of them are solidly biblical. Starting with an explanation of the importance of preparing ourselves to pray, the course deals with such topics as using the imagination, biblical meditation, silence and practising the the presence of God. The course is fundamentally practical in content, with many exercises for students to try for themselves and perhaps incorporate into their own devotions.

Contemporary Issues Part 1.

How should Christians think about family values, financial morality, ecology, abortion, politics or war? The course considers such issues and how we can make a reasoned biblical response.

Contemporary Issues Part 2.

This course seeks to go beyond what we feel about and rest, education, family values, entertainment and medical ethics to how we think them through Biblically and exercise godly influence.


This course is for everyone who aspires to be a worshipper. Teaching on singing, leading and musicianship aspects of worship will be included, but the main emphasis will be the importance of a lifestyle of worship inspiring a closer walk with God as a foundation for the true worshipper.

World Missions

This course will provide an in depth study on the theological foundation of mission as well as very practical teaching on: motives for mission, cross cultural church planting, current trends and strategies, how churches and individuals can have an involvement in changing the nations for Christ.


We believe that this subject is on God's agenda for this nation. A look at the history of revivals both biblically and during recent centuries will stir us up to understand God's heart for today.

Discovering the Will of God

Many people in the church struggle with the issue of guidance. In this course we shall look at such questions as: Does God guide us? How does He communicate? Is there a path especially for me? Can we know the will of God for our lives?

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