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Theology Stream

Theology Part 1 - The Nature of God

A biblical understanding of who God is is not a dull pursuit, but an exciting discovery which will draw you into a closer relationship with Him, as you understand His Person.

Theology Part 2 - The Person and Work of Christ

A fascinating and vital study on what the Bible teaches about Christ. His eternal nature, His incarnation on earth and what His sacrifice means for us. The school contains essential teaching for every believer and inspires great confidence in the gospel.

Theology Part 3 - The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

In this school we will be tracing the role of the Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments, the life of Jesus, the individual Christian and the church. It will be both doctrinal and practical and relevant to Christians of whatever age and experience.

Theology Part 4 - Doctrine of Man

What does it mean to be human? Created in the image of God? How has the Fall really affected us? This school is a serious study of what the Bible teaches about men/women as creature and sinner and the implications in issues such as gender, sexuality and relationships.

Bible Survey Part 1 - Old Testament

This course considers the context of the various groups of Old Testament books, setting them in their historical context and uncovering some powerful themes which unify them all. For those who wish to know the Bible, this module is essential.

Bible Survey Part 2 - Gospels and Revelation

Look at the life and teachings of Jesus in overview, as it is presented in the Gospels. We consider the Synoptic Gospel view and then all the writings of John, through to the book of Revelation.

Bible Survey Part 3 - Acts and Epistles

We consider the core teaching of epistles, in their context as recorded in the book of Acts, linking the letters to the churches they were written to, and the lives of their writers as far as we know them.

The Baptism and Gifts of the Spirit

Theological, practical and spiritual teaching will combine to encourage every participant to not only understand the facts but to actively pursue and then practically exercise these exciting manifestations of the Spirit.

The Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is one of the most important themes of the Bible. This school will explore exactly what the kingdom is by following the theme both Testaments and seeking to apply it practically today. Be prepared to be challenged as you "seek first the Kingdom of God".

Christian Foundations

Security, maturity and fruitfulness in the Christian life are determined by the depth of Spiritual foundations which have been established. This course looks at the essential foundations which enable us to walk in enjoyment of God and fulfilment of His purpose.

Second Coming

The personal, visible return of Jesus is a wonderful prospect. This school will examine what the bible teaches about the second coming of Jesus, resurrection, judgment, heaven and hell. What we believe about these crucial areas will help to determine how we live now!


A practical training programme which will enable you to: hear from God: understand the dynamics of working with the Holy Spirit: and release you to give a clear prophetic word with integrity and power.

The New Covenant

You know about the Cross and the basics of the Gospel, and Jesus is your saviour, but do you know God's intentions for you under the New Covenant, or how it fits with the Old one or how we can put it into practise? In this module we aim to put it all together. What a package!

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