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How We Work

School of Ministries is part of the teaching and training arm of New Community Network. It has been established to provide a practical and effective programme to develop and train existing leaders, aspiring leaders and all those who long to be more effective in their christian lives and ministry. The main part of our work is in 3rd world situations where it is neither practical nor possible for leaders to spend periods of time in training establishments.



SOM travels to various centres around the world and draws together leaders from that region. Sometimes just one week and 2 subjects are covered and in other places we spend 4 weeks covering 8 subjects. In this way a full training programme is carried out over a period of a few years. Up to now we have worked with significant leaders from different nations who are able to gather together leaders from their networks and friendships for training. The numbers can vary from 25 - 500. Although we prefer a number between 50 and 70.

These schools are underwritten financially by sponsoring churches and individuals. Approximately £500 cover a full weeks training for each of the schools. All the visiting teachers cover their own expenses all money given goes towards the costs of the school itself.


A team of teachers have been trained mainly from the UK and USA who travel to the different nations to spend one or two weeks in teaching. At present we are in the following countries: 8 centres in India, USA, Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, South Africa, Russia and Rwanda. We are investigating new opportunities in Burkina Faso, Ghana and China as well as expanding our work in Uganda.

Please see our reports for more details

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