Benny Thomas accompanied Basil D’Souza to Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh for the 6th School of Ministry, on Leadership II ”“ Qualifications of a Leader. 59 delegates registered. About 60% of these delegates had been part of previous SoM’s. In addition there were a good number of young men from a CNI (Church of North India) background and 5 women high school teachers including a principal of a local school.

The importance of character in a leader’s life and the difference between ‘character’ and ‘personality’ was explained in depth. People were encouraged to ask questions pertaining to the subject being taught. They were also taught how to differentiate between cultural issues and the principles of God with its practical implementation.

Importance of transparency with reference to finance and obeying the laws of the land was emphasized. This topic was received with great interest. Another topic which people received with great interest was husband-wife relationship and how to bring up children. An in-depth teaching was brought on ‘How a husband needs to be considerate of his wife, understand her and take responsibility for the home’ accompanied by many personal examples.

During the breaks many came and shared that the practical personal sharing on all fronts brought the teaching home to them in clarity.

Gladwin and Shobna were able to book Bishop’s Centre at St Jude’s once again for the conference and house the delegates at the same place. They administrated the event efficiently.

Location: Jhansi, Utter Pradesh, India
Date: September 27-29th 2008
Subject: Leadership Part 2 - The Character of the Leader.
Teachers: Benny Thomas and Basil D'Souza