Peter Butt and Benny Thomas travelled to Varanasi, known in India as the Holy City, it is one of the Hindu major religious sites on the banks of the Ganges. 60 leaders gathered in the Cathedral Conference Centre for a School of Ministries Training Session. Over half of the delegates were under 30 years of age and many more under 40. It was encouraging to see the hunger from these young men and women expressed in their response to the teaching. The leadership module "Discovering your Ministry" was taught, with regular interruptions for times of prayer, prophecy and ministry. This is the second school we have organised in this significant city and we felt there was a further establishing of the school and a pressing invitation for us to return.

Location: Varanasi, India
Date: January 2009
Subject: Leadership Part 1 - Discovering your Ministry
Teachers: Peter Butt and Benny Thomas.