This was our first official school in the Philippines although Jim Palmer had held several schools on the Kingdom of God over the previous 4 months. Around 60 leaders gathered at the conference centre to take part in the school. At this time in Mindanao the Church is experiencing rapid growth with many coming to the Lord and new churches being planted. A number of significant leaders attended and expressed their delight at the school believing that it is a very important time for the newleadership that is emerging to be trained as few of them have been able to undergo any formal training. They were amongst the most responsive leaders we have taught and there were some special times of prophetic ministry and prayer. There came an awareness that this is the beginning of the development of many schools which will take place in Mindanao in the future.
Location: Mindanao, Philippines

Date: February 2009

Subject: Leadership Part 4 - Effective Leadership

Teacher: Peter Butt