2 new schools were started in February in West Africa: one in Accra, Ghana; the other in Jos, Nigeria. Approximately 55 pastors and aspiring leadership attended the schools.
Ben Davies taught the Leadership 1 module in both schools and was very well received in both places.The delegates at these schools are hungry for more. These were pilot school and those present said they knew of other pastors and leaders who could benefit from the schools that they will bring next time. There is potential for 5 new schools in Nigeria including Jos: Jos, Kaduna, Abujah, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Location: Accra, Ghana and Jos, Nigeria
Subject: Leadership Part 1 - Discovering your ministry
Teacher: Ben Davies
Date: February 2009

Submitted by Ben Davies

The school of ministries started on the 16th of february 2009 and 30 students attended the school in Jos,the students were so blessed by the teaching ministry of Ben Davies.the school was an eye opener.it will be a thing of joy to introduce more other leaders and to take this school to every part of west Africa,because the school is a blessing to us.we are eargerly expecting the expansion to other five states including Jos in your next coming to Nigeria.May the Lord increase the entire leadership of the( SOM) in Jesus mighty name.


Omeji Fidelis.