The school was attended by about 90 people each day. The students represented 9 ”“ 10 churches or church organisations and were made up of church leaders, church members and young people from a YWAM DTS.
We renewed contact with church leaders we had met in previous years and the School was appreciated. An impression of an un-broken donkey, a rugby tackle and the ‘removal’ of someone’s ‘heart’ to examine their true thinking all added to the delivery in high temperatures! Though not hit as badly as other regions by the recent violence there were stories to be told, and Basil finished the 3 days teaching with a strong word of encouragement for the students.


A 4 hour car journey got us to the unbelievably named tourist and fishing town of Gopalpur-on-Sea and a United Church of India conference centre. Here we met 80 pastors from some of the worst affected areas of the recent violence, including most of the 40 pastors who relate to our great friend DK, a father figure in this area. Having lived through the inadequacy of the government refugee camps, many of the pastors and Christian families are still experiencing hostility and intimidation when they try to return to their homes and fields. Many have had everything they owned destroyed or stolen, some carry the physical scars of violent attacks and some the emotional scars of lost loved ones, murdered in the violence. It was humbling to be teaching these men who despite their pain, loss and questions are still pressing into God and his purposes for their region and nation. In addition to their enthusiastic response to the teaching, there were some powerful times of worship and a tangible sense of the presence of God ministering refreshment and fresh faith to these brave saints. Basil brought significant prophetic words to two of the leaders and we finished the week with Basil bringing a faith building message from Acts, and a time of strong intercession for them and the area.

Location: Orissa, India
Date: 25th March ”“ 2nd April 2009
Team: Basil D’Souza; Jairaj D’Souza; Peter Robinson; Mark Churchward
Module: The Kingdom of God