JAMBO from Kenya. Peter Butt and Eric Skates spent an intensive three days with the Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa in Malindi. Forty leaders from the region attended, many planting churches in Muslim communities and one planting a church in neighbouring Somalia. The courses on Leadership and Growing in Christ I were well received. One session included a spontaneous time of prophecy and prayer, particularly for the women in the group. Most of the leaders had travelled some distance who all stayed together at a local guest house. Melekson did good job of organising the programme and delivered under budget. It was a great time of teaching and foundations were laid for future teaching and training. Peter and Eric also enjoyed the daily excitement of travelling by the local three wheeled taxis, called Tuk Tuks after the sound they make.
Isaiah 60:1, Arise and shine”¦.. is displayed prominently at the PEFA church in Ruiru lead by Peter and Anne Chege. The church and school is a beacon of light in the local community. The school of ministry is well established and 40 leaders gathered, representing several different denominations. Many of the students have run school of ministry courses themselves and there are plans for schools in neighbouring Tanzania next year. A striking feature of the group was the wide spread of age ranges, including a mother and son and father and son. One particularly lively member of the group was aged 71, a former head teacher who described himself as ‘retired but not tired.’ Peter and Eric taught on Leadership and Growing in Christ I. There was strong commitment from the students to put the teaching into practice and run Growing in Christ in local churches.
Location: Malindi and Ruiru, Kenya
Date: 3rd -11th December 2009
Subjects: Growing in Christ Part 1 and Leadership Part 1 - Discovering your ministry
Teachers: Peter Butt and Eric Skates