Travelling from Mumbai via Delhi we (Basil D’Souza, Benny Thomas, Mary and I) arrived safely in Varanasi, a lovely provincial city.
We were welcomed into a spacious Catholic school hall where we were to do the training on the subject of “The Character of a leader”
Over the three days, 68 Pastors, wives, students and workers never seemed to stop writing and listening with eagerness to all we unpacked from 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They greatly valued the notes given to them in Hindi.
Regular times of questions from delegates enabled us to bring relevant application to their own situations and we enjoyed great laughs as they explained how they had misunderstood passages of scripture before we expounded them.
The three days were very much appreciated. For me to sow into leaders who came from such rural and difficult areas was indeed a great privilege.
The anointing upon Basil to head up SoM’s in India was very evident as many leaders warmed to him after the sessions.

Location: Varanasi, India
Date: March 2010
Teachers: Paul Randerson and Basil D'Souza
Subjects: Leadership Part 2 - The Character of the Leader