On 20th – 23rd May 2010 Anne and Peter Chege travelled to Kisasi, 21 Km from Kitui town to launch School of Ministries. For three full days we ministered to very receptive and active team of 21 pastors both male and female from 12 churches and 5 different denominations.  Some of them had to walk for 4 hours to get to the centre.
The schools covered were:
1. Discovering your ministry
2. Character development.
These were very relevant and applicable teachings which addressed some of the individual challenges they were facing.
Although a few of the pastors were trained, they confessed that they had never heard those teachings in that kind of version.  They appreciated the high quality teaching and content.
The women leaders were given printed notes to use to minister to women in their churches.  These included lessons on family, health and hygiene, leadership and personal walk with Christ.
On Sunday afternoon Anne met about 50 women in Kisasi church and spoke to them about the power of the tongue.  She then demonstrated to them hand washing procedure which would be very beneficial especially in that area.
The launching of School of Ministries was a dream come true for them which will make a big difference in the area.
They eagerly look forward to the next school.

Location: Kitui,Kisasi,Kenya
Date: 20TH - 23RD May 2010
Teachers: Peter and Anne Chege