SOM continues to develop here in Mindanao. During September and October we held schools in two new areas in two different provinces.The first

school from 2nd to 4th September was in the mountain municipality of Josephinas in the province of Zambonga del Sur with 47 ‘mountain’ pastors and leaders. They were part of an interdenominational church fellowship. We had a very blessed time of study, ministry and fellowship. They were so appreciative of our visit, as they are in such a difficult and isolated area, and it seems that no ministries come to visit them. We expect to return to them again in January 2010 and conduct another school.
The second school from 18th to 22nd October was in Marawi State University in the province of Lanao del Zur. We were with a group of 48 students in their final graduating year. They were on fire for God and many of them have plans to combine work and mission in South East Asia countries. We had 4 very wonderful days of intensive study, fellowship and ministry. This is a significant opportunity for SOM to influence the next generation of potential leaders. We plan to go in January and March next year to complete the courses before they graduate and leave at the end of March.


Location: Mindanao – Southern Philippines

Date:  September & October

Teacher: Jim Palmer.