Joe Hayden and I had an excellent time in Kigali. It was lovely to meet Godfrey and Peace leaders of the church. The students included local pastors and were very responsive and even seemed to enjoy our jokes. Joe spoke on the Kingdom of God and Mark on Baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We had some good translators who entered in to the spirit of the sessions. We saw a number of healings, in response to words of knowledge given by both teachers and students during the week including a man with an abscess or tumour and a lady who had been unable to eat normal food and came the following day to report she could now eat normally!
They run a primary school on the church site. We met some delightful children, all dressed beautifully, who all wanted their photos taken and loved to shake hands and practice English on us.
We went to the Genocide Memorial Centre where 250,000 bodies are buried. The centre gives the story of Rwandan history since colonial times and the atrocities of 1994. It was one of the most horrific exhibitions you could imagine. It also highlights the unfortunate role of European nations in it all. It was one of the most horrific exhibitions you could imagine but a necessary reminder and warning of what man can do to man. Please pray for Godfrey and Peace who are faithfully seeking to proclaim Fathers love in Rwanda.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Date: October 2010

Teachers; Mark Edwards and Joe Hayden

Subjects: The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit and The Kingdom of God.