From the moment we began our teaching session God’s presence was with us.  I stated at the beginning that God was already there and how he wanted to meet with us.  After the first session we entered into worship inviting the Holy Spirit to move.  Many were touched – crying, some on their knees as the Spirit moved.  The students said they had never worshipped like that before and it was wonderful to come into the throne room.  That time of worship seemed to set a way for the rest of the week.  Whenever we came together there was a sense of God’s presence.  I spoke individually and often prayed over all sorts of issues.  There were opportunities to pray for the sick, for situations and for their families.  There was a great sense of openness as we learned together.

Location: Soroti, Uganda

Date: October 2011

Teachers: Ian Denton and Leonard Sekajja

Subjects: Worship and The Will of God