It was a great joy and blessing to be with the students in Soroti again and to see their evident hunger for the teaching.  We had some interesting questions and discussions arising from the sessions and we enjoyed the interaction.  Their commitment and sacrifice was a challenge once more, especially when one had to cycle over 30 miles to his village upon hearing that his children were ill with malaria.  We were able to help with some medication and he returned to carry on with his studies.  Another had an open sore on his leg but had sat through the lessons without complaint until it became too painful and had to be treated at a local clinic.  He had no money to pay for the medicine and injections - £6.50 !!  Others had cycled over 50 miles to receive the teaching and had been away from their homes for a month.  

 Location: Soroti, Uganda

Date: October 2011

Teachers: Ken and Nicky Williams.