The best part of the recent School of Ministry trip to Nigeria was the Teacher Training Course conducted by Eric Skates. On top of teaching ‘Growing in Christ’ Eric did a phenomenal job training and evaluating the ones who want to be considered for being teachers themselves with School of Ministry. It’s obvious that Nigerians like to preach, and are very capable of preaching up a storm, but it was good to see the potential emergence of some new teachers. Three Schools of Ministry were conducted in Kaduna, Jos and Abuja. I was glad that I was able to teach ‘Hermeneutics’ on this trip as it complimented the Teacher Training Course most appropriately. We really appreciate the faithful work of Fidelis Omeji, our dear  friend and facilitator. He is the one who puts it all together in Nigeria. There were approximately 90 who attended SOM altogether across the 3 Schools, with about a third of them doing the teacher training. Doing 3 Schools in 2 weeks was a lot, particularly as we spoke in some churches too, including a youth church in Jos of about 200 children between the ages of 8 and 18; truly lovely children and a high point of the trip. The strongest of the 3 Schools is Jos, Fidelis’ hometown, and we were introduced to a church leader there who has influence with other pastors and leaders, and he expressed an  interest in SOM, demonstrating potential for future growth in Jos. So, a good trip, and we are grateful to God for this door open to us.

Ben Davies.

Location: Jos, Kaduna, Abuja, Nigeria

Date: November 2011


Teachers: Eric Skates and Ben Davies