Eric Skates and I have completed the first leg of our trip to Kenya. Since Tuesday we have been with the International Christian Assemblies who are planting churches in the Kibera slum region of Nairobi. They are embarking on a church planting programme using SOM as their training vehicle. We trained some 14 of their main leaders to teach the programme over the first few days and then Eric completed a SOM module to show them how it works. We were joined at that point by a  number of other members of the church who are on their training progamme. We visited the site of their new building. It is placed overlooking the slum area of Kibera, there are tin roofs, plastic sheets and a variety of other buildings as far as the eye can see housing the poorest of peoples living in abject conditions. The vision of the church is to transform this area. We felt priveleged to be part of the outworking of God's pruposes in this place. We are supporting them in this work by providing materials for teaching and visiting to teach from time to time. There is potential for building teams, medical teams and all kinds of skills to visit and support this work. There is a very real sense that this connection is from the Lord.
Location: Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Date: March 2012


Teachers: Eric Skates and Peter Butt


Subjects; Training of Teachers and Growing in Christ Part 1.