It was good to be back in Kampala, this time with 65 students.  The first week went well with opportunities to pray for the students to be filled with the spirit after the teaching.  A number were filled for the first time and spoke in tongues.  Very encouraging to see the students growing.  On the second week teaching on prayer and intercession had a number practical times together crying out to God of Uganda and Kampala.  On the Wednesday of the second week the students were singing before I came to teach.  I felt the Holy Spirit's presence.  I did not teach that afternoon but encouraged them into the throne room where many met with God in a personal way.  It was humbling to see the Holy Spirit at work.  A number of students prophesied at that time.  On my last day Ed Hardng and I laid hands on and prayed for all the students and they in turn prophesied over me.  Very encouraging.  To sum it up, God worked throughout the two weeks with signs following the teaching and I felt the students were greatly encouraged especially those that had been in Islam before they were converted.   I was able to pray with all of them for God's annointing to come on all of them.  Look forward to October but am happy to go where ever the need is.  

Ian Denton