Phil Raw and I enjoyed the excellent hospitality of Basil and Cathy as we arrived from the UK. Phil had an excellent evening with the Hindi Equip Group on Wednesday comprising of 24 young guys and girls being prepared for ministry.

On Thursday we commenced the SOM on the New Covenant. This was the first time I had taught this module and was surprised by the flow of life that accompanied the teaching. The preparation had been quite arduous and I was uncertain how it would communicate but the sense of God on the Word and reception of the people to the truth was very encouraging. Phil shared one of the sessions but otherwise I taught through to Saturday and completed this assignment. It was gratifying to hear people expressing their appreciation and even encounter with the trith that had affected them deeply. Thank you for praying.

Location: Mumbai, India

Date: August 2012

Subject: New Covenant

Teachers: Phil Raw and Peter Butt