Report for August 2012

Since our return to the Philippines in early July, we have held two SOM in August.
The first was at Simpac, at a church among the rice fields. We had a very blessed time with some 25 students, who were leaders and workers in the church.  Some of them are poorly educated, never having completed their schooling. They worked so hard to understand the module we taught on the New Covenant, and were enriched in their understanding. This is now the fifth school we have had with them over the last 2 years.
The other School of Ministries was up in the mountains above the municipality of Molave, some two hours journey away from our base. There we spent 2 days with 30 United Mountain Ministers Association Pastors and workers. Some slept in the church overnight because of the difficulty crossing the mountains from their homes. We have come to know them well over the last two years and the fellowship was just ‘great’. They are so grateful that we take the trouble to go to them, up in the mountains, with these schools.
We were scheduled to have another school of ministry at the end of August at Mindanao State University in Marawi, the Muslim city. There are many Christian students from all over the Philippines studying there. With the invitation of the campus pastors we teach a group of around 40 plus students  8 modules throughout the year.  There was a sudden outbreak of conflict with Muslims shooting and wounding soldiers and threatening the Christian professors and Christians in the university campus. Hence the SOM has had to be postponed for safety reasons. Please pray for the safety of these students and teachers and that we will be able to return with more SOMS.
It has been a blessed month.
Jim & Evelyn Palmer