Eric Skates and Paul Butcher travelled to Lubumbashi, the second city of DR Congo, following an initial visit by Peter Butt and Ian Thomson in July 2011.  The visit was by invitation of Bishop Joseph (Yussuf) who is the father to some 27 churches in Katanga province. His main church is in Katuba township just outside Lubumbashi, one of a number of townships originally established under Belgian rule to house the local people whilst the whites lived in the city centre. We met with leaders from this church and a number of other churches for four mornings to do 3 hours of School of Ministry teaching.  Numbers varied but were never less than 50 and with a good mix of men and women.  Eric taught his ‘Growing in Christ 1’ course and Paul taught the ‘Character of a Leader’ module.  Both had to be shortened to fit the restricted time and to handle the translation time (into the local Congolese dialect of Swahili). Unfortunately, it was not possible to deliver the final session of either course. However, the students were keen and hungry for teaching and interaction was good.  Paul even delivered some of his material in French, their second language, and had translated the student notes into French which greatly helped their participation. In the afternoons, revival meetings were held in both this church and a new daughter church on the other side of the township and we shared preaching between these two churches with John Kalinga from South Africa who was originally from this church and was the initial contact for SOM with Bishop Joseph. (John had come up especially to be with us for our visit.)  These meetings were very lively both in praise and in intercession.  The people were full of passion and clearly the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully among them. Discussions were held about how best to continue the relationship with this church and to see School of Ministries develop locally. 

Location: Katuba, DR Congo
Date: 6-9 November 2012
Subjects: Growing in Christ 1 and Leadership 2 – Character of a Leader
Teachers: Eric Skates and Paul Butcher