For our first school of the new year we were in Mumbai, India to take an SOM on “The Doctrine of Man” We had an exciting time with around 50 leaders and aspiring leaders, many of them in their early 20’s, hungry for the Word of God and responding to the teaching with enthusiasm. Sunday saw us again in Covenant Blessings Church, the morning with the English speaking congregation and the evening with the Hindi speaking church. In both gatherings we were aware of an increasing sense of Holy Spirit activity. The church is in a good place and growing steadily, having planted 3 new Hindi speaking groups in the past 2 years, one of which has about 90 regularly attending. They are pursuing a “Year of Miracles” believing that God has indicated they are to see increasing supernatural intervention. Already they have seen some extraordinary financial provision with several of their members having their mortgages cleared!

Location: Mumbai, India Date: January 2013

Subject: "Theology Prt 4 - The Doctrine of Man

Speakers: Peter and Irene Butt