There were 106 leaders at the second SoM in Manmad, held from 11 - 13 July, 2013. Basil laid a strong foundation on how God views character as he taught all the sessions with Yashwant Wagle from Mumbai doing a brilliant job translating into Marathi (the local language). Basil covered the subject with a lot of illustrations especially from his own experience as people listened with rapt attention. The attendees remarked that the SOM was unique because no one in the past has taught on this topic with such clarity and simplicity yet bringing out great revelation and understanding. Along with Pastors and leaders, members of the CNI(Anglican) church were also present. A seasoned non-Christian politician sat through the teachings and at the end inquired whether these principles could be taught to politicians. At the conclusion of the SoM the organizers commented that Manmad will never be the same again. Praise God!!!

Location: Manmad, Maharastra, India

Date: 11-13th July 2103

Module: Leadership 2 - The Character of the Leader.

Teacher: Basil D'Souza.