We thank God for the School of Ministries (SOM) Kiswahili Class which was held this year at Mpeketoni.  Several denominations sent their key leaders for the SOM Class. The region is hit by poverty and illiteracy; it is one of the most marginalized communities in the country.  Over the years outreach teams have been moving in with the gospel of Christ resulting in many souls having been saved and many churches having been planted in this region.  Pastors, missionaries and anointed leaders have been mentored and raised in the ministry, but unfortunately have no opportunity to go to any Bible School for more research, training and study of the Word.  The School of Ministries has become a training school for these leaders.

This time round, forty seven participants left the venue revived and empowered to continue with the mission given us by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to go and teach all nations!  The following forgotten communities were able to send a representative for the empowerment of the Word of God: Boni; Malakote; Munyo-ya-ya;Somali and Watta. 

We thank God for those that have stood and supported the SOM Kiswahili Class, which has been going on for some years now, thus equipping our church leaders with the Word of God.  As we do this we pass on the mantle to faithful men called by God.


Meleckson Dalano