Basil Dsouza and Peter Butt arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal on 7th April for the first SOM to be held in this nation. They were warmly welcomed by the leadership of the impressive church in Ganeshwar. The church has established a number of congregations and grown to some 15000 since it was planted by Robert Kathak in the 1950's. For 3 days we taught the first Leadership module which was well received. At the conclusion of the school we met with a leadership group to consider the way ahead for SOM in Nepal. There was encouraging dialogue which we believe will lead to an on-going relationship with the churches and further Schools being held. There is significant growth occurring in the church and it seems as though this is the right time for us to be involved with Nepal in the training and development of leadership. We are looking forward to developing this relationship in the Will of God.


Peter Butt