This was our first visit to the country and it was very good in every way. Pastor Andrew Lendor had done a great job planning and advertising the SOM school and we had over 60 attending each day (87 different people in total) from a number of different churches. Stephen Mack and myself taught two modules which were greatly appreciated and we had good times of fellowship and ministry alongside the teaching. There is a great keenness for us to return and do two weeks next time. They are also anxious that the teaching can be taken to more rural parts where the need for leadership training is even greater. Andrew turned out to be the ideal guy to start working with in West Africa and he is keen to help us develop in Burkina Faso, Liberia and other places where he works. By accident we got involved in the ordination of 16 new AOG pastors, spoke briefly at the Police Training School service, and also preached at 4 churches. We are grateful that all the travelling worked out ok and we stayed healthy, despite the constant high temperatures and humidity.

Many thanks again for your prayers. 

Graham Bower