This was a sensational trip, made all the more enjoyable by the amazing friendship and hospitality of our hosts. The weather was hot but sultry but this did not diminish the enthusiasm and openness of the 54 delegates who seemed to love every minute of the teaching on personal prayer. This was the second of two modules on developing personal prayer and dealt with Personality and Prayer, the Jesus Prayer and Creativity and Prayer. Activities included finding out about how one's personality type can give helpful clues as to the ways of prayer that work best, making a prayer rope and using it to pray the Jesus Prayer, and using pictures, art and movement to give added depth and reality to one's connection to God. For many in the group, these activities were very new indeed but the sessions were notable for a generous willingness to try them out. Many were moved as we prayed the Lord's Prayer in silence and with actions, and praying the Jesus Prayer clearly led many into a very deep place indeed. All in all it was a remarkable time with several delegates reporting how their own times of prayer had been enhanced by the teaching and how they had begun to teach these ways of prayer to others.

Developing Personal Prayer Part 2  - Thane, MUMBAI July 15-17 2015

Teacher - Stefan Smart