56 people came to NIM Gyaneshwor to study this essential topic on CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONS. All who attended had some form of leadership responsibility. The church’s lead Pastor Samuel Karthak and many senior pastors, leading elders and deacons attended all 3 days. As the study progressed one of the topics that created a significant impact was the  Holy Spirit. At the end of this session there was a great stirring to seek God for a fresh infilling and renewed friendship with Him. Benny spoke well on identity.

As Basil unpacked the section on “Forgiveness” many stood up and took the decision to untie and release themselves from those who had hurt them. He demonstrated this in a small play and the result was many extended hands, moist eyes and confessing mouths as people came into a freedom like never before. 

And as the topic on the “Fatherhood of God” was taught, quite a few of them testified that they were going back with a fresh understanding of what it means to be His son and live in his unconditional love.

Ps. Samuel remarked - “Your illustrations and personal life examples helped us to understand this topic better. My pastors are saying they were very blessed.”

At the end of the 3 days there was a very real sense of God's presence.

On Saturday, 9th (our Sunday) Basil was invited to preach at the 2nd and 3rd service in NIM’s base church in Gyaneshwor. The ministry was well received.

 And the evening brought everyone running out of buildings as we experienced two strong tremors...  

 We travelled to another location 8 kms away from the Gyaneshwor church to a place called Gongabu for the SOM on Prophecy. On the 1st day, 58 pastors and leaders gathered. Many prominent leaders from the earlier school were present. 

Basil felt led to do a review of the SOM on ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ as an introduction. This  was highly appreciated. The sessions were taught with a great sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Basil felt led to pause and worship. And we felt His Presence and people were corporately and individually encouraged. The end of the day brought one senior leader Dil to state the following “We have lost the fire… We need it back. We don’t see the operation of gifts across our churches”.  

On day two, a significant event took place as Basil shared a story. There was an awareness that the Lord’s presence was there. And the Holy Spirit fire fell upon people. One lady in particular experienced tremendous heat and it felt as if she was on fire.  This fire spread to most that touched her. At least 6 people testified that the fire of God had come on them. Later on in the afternoon many were blessed as they received personal prophetic words. 

Many felt a freedom to ask questions pertaining to what was being taught. The highlight of day 3 was nearly all the participants learning to prophecy. 7 people testified about their experience of how the person who prophesied over them had accurately spoken over their life situations. Pastor Prem said he would take this fire to all the churches in Jorpati. 

 Hugs, firm handshakes, moist eyes told us the impact the SOM had on the people. God was present and many people encountered Him through the SOM.

Basil D'Souza