The School of Ministry - Leadership 1 - Discovering your ministry was taught by Basil D'Souza, at CBC, Mumbai. The place was full with 76 participants attending over the 2 days. 

The Participants included pastors, existing leaders and many aspiring young leaders. They engaged with the teaching and were inspired and able to grasp what was being taught.

Engaged because what they were hearing was a new revelation and inspired because now they have a broader perspective of leadership. 

The participants were excited with the 'discover your ministry' exercise. They were able to come into a deeper understanding of their calling and ministry. 

Some of the participants remarked how relevant, contemporary and blessed they were by the teaching and the way it was delivered. 

Overall the SOM was brilliant, the 10 hours of teaching just flew by. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. People left enlightened, refreshed and charged up!

Submitted by Liz George