It was great to travel back to Kampala with Ian Denton to meet old and new friends as well as the 75 students we were teaching. A lot had changed at Namirembe Christian Fellowship since we last taught there. Especially the ‘Peter Butt’ room, where we taught, which is now able to accommodate a lot more students.

The two modules we taught were New Covenant and Growing in Christ and, as on our previous visits, the students were very receptive and responsive to the teaching. It was great to share times of worship with them at the start of the teaching sessions. This culminated with a longer time of worship with them on the last day and an opportunity to pray for them.

We are only part of their lives for a very short time. But it was long enough to see that God has his hand on their lives and to sense their desire to live their lives in God’s presence.

As always, the school can’t succeed without the support of people in the local churches. So, we’d like to thank Michael and Paul for organising the school and especially Rose for her fantastic cooking.

Steve Nicholls (Thrive Church, Eastleigh)