It was a good kick off to 2019 with SOM’s conducted in the island of Mindanao. Basil D’Souza and Renick Lawrence’s trip began with a visit to the Mayor of Iligan City. The School of Ministry on Christian Foundations commenced with 42 attendees. Along with the teaching – often interrupted with apt questions – we were able to minister to many as the Holy Spirit invaded the gathering with people speaking in tongues for the first time. The ministry after the session on the Father heart of God brought much healing to people along with a new sense of assurance, security and comfort. With much tears, many experienced the love of the Father in a tangible way – some for the first time.

We then travelled to Maranding, where we conducted the School of Ministry on Christian Foundations. We had an attendance of 92 pastors and leaders from the LGN network as well as other churches. After the session on the Holy Spirit, we prayed for people to receive the Holy Spirit as well as a fresh impartation of the gifts. The response of the people was amazing as the Holy Spirit swept over those who had gathered. After the session on forgiveness, people experienced a new freedom along with a healing of the heart. Amidst much tears people let go of their age old hurts, pains and offences. The following day, people encountered God the Father in a new way as the Lord moved mightily with people being set free from generational curses and being released from an orphan spirit. As his love flowed, many testified to feeling the warmth of his touch, resulting in a fresh commitment to follow Jesus. What an amazing trip!!!


Submitted by Basil D’Souza