Receive our blessed greetings from Barnabas Swahili School of Ministry Webuye, Kenya. The Lord has continued to be gracious to us here as we tirelessly labour for Him in His vineyard. Despite the ministerial challenges, God has always been on our side.
We had a very successful school with 18 students. They came all the way from Mumias, Mt. Elgon and Lugari in Western province, and the northern parts of the Rift Valley province in Kitale and Cherangani. These are pastors and church leaders who are determined to know more of the God they are serving. The modules that we covered are the School of Revival and School of Prophecy. By the help of God, the teachings were very effective.
During the closing session, the students gave a positive report about the school. They shared on how the courses had impacted their personal lives and ministries. One pastor commended, ‘Our church is called Pentecostal Revival Church; but I had never known the meaning of revival until I heard it in this school.’ Their were many good reports from the students.
It could have been difficult for them to know all these without your vision for the Swahili School. Yet these are leaders who are willing to learn but are limited by several issues such as finances. So, together with these students, we are very grateful for your sponsorship to this school. You can be sure that your work here is not in vain. May the Lord bless you for equipping His servants in this region not only with knowledge, but also creating for them a time of fellowship, to pour out their bleeding hearts for healing.
Meals included ugali and meat, rice, green grams, vegetables, tea, bread and biscuits. Students were served with breakfast, 10 O’clock tea, lunch, 3 O’clock tea and supper. We had to make further arrangements for accommodation for those who had come from far places.
Finally we wish you a blessed moment in God’s service as you strive to fulfill His purposes in your lives. We look forward for another school in the course of this year. The Lord be with you.

Location; Webuye, Kenya.
Date: 24th to 26th, June
Subjects: School of revival, School of prophecy
Teachers: Leonard W. Wafula, George Wanjula