This was the first trip by Ken and Nicky Williams for SOM. Here is their report:
What price the Word of God?
The early rains had failed in Northern Uganda and the rains of September had been prayed for and eagerly awaited. It was a time of relief and joy when they came and for most it would be a busy time cultivating the ground and harvesting the crops that would provide for the immediate need of their families, and with the sale of any surplus the next months would be secure. But for the students who came to Soroti it meant the decision ”“ to stay at home or come to study the Word of God with the resultant hardships that would bring. It was humbling to see so many pay that price.
And what of the Word itself? A few had Study Bibles but most had a basic copy with few references. When we showed them a particular Bible with helps and notes their question was “What price would I have to pay?” We were blessed by their love, their eagerness, their hunger and appreciation and have come away richer for the experience.
Location: Soroti, Uganda
Date: September 2009
Subjects: Prophecy, Homiletics andHermeneutics
Teachers: Ken and Nicky Williams.