Paul Cook and Ben Davies travelled to Nigeria on February 6th, to conduct 3 Schools of Ministry. Paul taught Prophecy and Ben taught Leadership 2 - The Character of the Leader in all 3 Schools. The first School was in Kaduna and was the 2nd School. This School was started in October of last year by Steve Halford and Ben Davies and it had almost doubled in size since the first trip. The teaching was very well received and relationships are starting to develop. We also spoke in a couple of churches while there. We then travelled to Jos, which was started a year ago. This was the 3rd visit. Jos had some violence about 3 weeks before we went between Muslims and Christians, the evidence of which we saw. Several hundred people were killed in the violence and there was a curfew with military presence whilst we were there. Consequently we were unable to do anything in the evenings. Quite a few stayed away from the School because of this, but there were still over 50 in attendance and again our teaching was well received. We felt totally safe the whole time we were there. We also spoke in 2 churches in Jos. It is interesting that Jos is an abbreviation for Jesus Our Saviour. From there we travelled to the Nation's Capital - Abujah and began a brand new School. There were a little over 20 present and it was great. The School got off to a good start with some quality leaders in attendance. To be quite honest we both felt that the ones in attendance in Abujah should be coming to the UK to teach us. They already really know their stuff. Some of them had authored their own books. Fidelis, our main man in Nigeria is thoroughly committed to SOM. He pastors a church that meets in his home and they have all night prayer meetings every Friday night and they pray diligently for SOM in Nigeria. There are leaders emerging who help him with SOM in each of the Schools. It was a thoroughly good, fruitful and worthwhile trip and there is a sense that SOM Nigeria is definitely on the up. We really thank God for this.
Location: Jos, Abujah, Kaduna - Nigeria
Date: February 2010
Teachers: Ben Davies and Paul cook
Subjects: Prophecy and Leadership 2.