Ben Davies and Jonathan Snell travelled to Rwanda to conduct the School of Ministry recently started in Kigale. There were 35 who attended the School and the teaching was very well received. Ben taught 'Hermeneutics' and Jonathan taught 'Discovering the will of God'. Ben was there for one week; Jonathan remained on for a second week to teach Old Testament and was joined by Phil Orchard teaching on the Holy Spirit. Godfrey and Peace Gatete were truly wonderful hosts . Most of Rwanda is made up of hills with Kigale no exception. It's a special place. The City is very attractive, well ordered and we felt totally safe there. Whilst there we visited the Genocide Memorial to learn more of the terrible events that took place there 16 years ago. This was a significant part of the trip as we were obviously deeply touched by the unbelievable events that Rwanda has been through, and still needs healing from.As terrible as all that was, God is at work in that nation to bring healing to it through many ministerial efforts of which School of Ministry is now one. Godfrey has a vision to have School of Ministry operating in each of the provinces of that nation, and we're sure that in time this will happen.

Location: Kigale, Rwanda

Date: March 2010

Teachers: Ben Davies and Jonathan Snell

Subjects: Hermeneutics and Discovering the Will of God.