The School of Ministry was held at the ‘Orissa Follow Up’ centre run by Bishop Hrudaya. Numbers were low to start with since people were still travelling in some distance from the surrounding villages. We soon reached a maximum of 52 leaders and 12 older teenage girls, many of them orphans, who were cared for by the Bishop and his wife. As Basil and Mark proceeded through the first day’s teaching the leaders begin to relax with us and become increasingly responsive. A number of these men were from the Bishop’s network but the majority were independent pastors. On Friday Mark, Basil and Colin continued with the teaching and the hunger in the young ladies was very evident in their responsiveness and eagerness to ask questions. Saturday brought the School to a close but not before God had given Basil several prophetic words.
Not being able to speak Oriya, the language of Orissa, meant that it was difficult to engage in real conversation with many of the pastors. However from what little we could understand they were very appreciative of the teaching. The interpreter, the principal of the training school at Orissa Follow Up, did an amazing job, clearly catching the spirit and heart of the teaching and so appeared to put things across with real enthusiasm. He was most grateful and clearly very blessed by it all.
On the Thursday and Friday evenings Allwyn Fernandes, who had travelled with us from Covenant Blessings Church, and Jairaj D’Souza had time with the youth ministering to about 70 young people who were clearly hungry for God and his word.
Location: Balasore G.Udayagiri
Date: 12/04/10 to 14/04/10
Team: Basil D’Souza, Mark Churchward, Jairaj D’Souza (JD), Colin Cooper
Module: Leadership 1 ”“ Discovering your Ministry.

The School of Ministry had been organized by DK Nayak (DK) and was held in a centre called Bethel run by Samuel, who also translated for us during the School of Ministry. 107 pastors and leaders gathered from the surrounding districts, 75% of them relate to DK the rest were from the Church of North India or independents. After 3 years it has been possible to return to the region affected by the persecution and most of the men present have suffered incredibly, losing their homes and land, some also losing loved ones and at least one of them had spent some time in prison on fabricated charges. As we began to worship the grace of God on these men was amazing. There was such joy in their praise and worship. We were very aware of the presence of God and before we began teaching Basil encouraged us all to stand and just receive from the presence of God. Basil and Mark then delivered the first teaching sessions during the rest of the day.
As we gathered for the second day again the presence of God came and Basil and Mark moved in the prophetic bringing the heart of God to do greater things in and through these guys declaring that some will see angelic manifestations. Basil also shared the promise of God given to Jacob in Genesis 28:13-15 to give him the land and to multiply his descendants! This was encouraging stuff and enthusiastically received by the brothers gathered. Basil then went on with further teaching which Mark continued after he and Colin had been required to attend at the local police station.
During the second day of the School it had been arranged for Allwyn and JD to have a day with the youth. This turned out to be 112 young people crammed into a very small room. Nonetheless the presence of God was very real as they were encouraged in their faith and walk with God. Many of them came from a Baptist background and had their hearts and eyes opened to the things of the Spirit. In the afternoon Basil went to pray the blessing of God over them and the Spirit really came with many falling to the floor under the power of God.
The school concluded on the third day and we all found ourselves very humbled to be amongst those who, having suffered so much, still love Jesus and are determined to follow him whatever the cost.

Location: G.Udayagiri
Date: 8/04/10 to 10/04/10
Team: Basil D’Souza, Mark Churchward, Colin Cooper
Module: Leadership 1 ”“ Discovering your Ministry.