Evelyn and Jim Palmer arrived back in the UK at the end of April, after 8 months ministry visit to Mindanao, South Philippines. During those eight months they organized 6 Schools of Ministries, in four different centres across the province of Lanao del Norte. Peter Butt and Basil D’Souza visited in February, teaching in two of our Schools. Mindanao is experiencing a time of spiritual harvest, and many churches are growing with new ones being planted. This has caused a real need for the leadership training and encouragement that SOM provides. At the present time we have 150 students on a three year curriculum of 18 modules. We are excited about two new Schools when we return to Mindanao at the end of July. One of these is in a mountainous region. There is an inter church fraternal called UMMA (United Mountain Ministers Association) They have requested us to have a SOM in their area. We will have our first School there at the beginning of September, with about 60 leaders. The area is very rugged and difficult, and the people very poor, but we feel privileged to be able to help them. Another exciting request has been for us to develop a curriculum for Christian students at Marawi State University. In October we will be conducting a Monday to Friday SOMS with another one being planned for next March.
At present we have the following SOM arranged for the rest of this year:-
19-21 Aug. – Baroy
26-28 Aug. – Bacolod.
2-4 Sept.    – Molave (UMMA)
18-22 Sept. – Marawi State University.
28-30 Sept. – Molave (UMMA)
4-7 Nov       -  Maranding.