We held our second SOMS in Baroy from 19th to 21st August. It was so encouraging to see many of the Pastors and leaders arriving early on the first day. That is exceptional for the Philippines. There were 40 attending the 3 days school to study the 2 modules – Discovering Your Ministry and Christian Foundations.

They were very attentive and blessed and appreciated the studies. Much of the teaching on the Discovering Your Ministry challenged them over the traditions and ways in which they have sought to build and structure their churches. Pastor Roy of Impact Ministries was again the host Pastor, he organized the event so well providing food and refreshments for all the students. It was very encouraging to see so many Pastors from so many different church groups having fellowship together. Most of the students have completed their assignments and are looking forward to the next SOMS at Baroy which will be on the 25th to 27th November this year.

Location: Baroy, Mindanao

Date: 19-21 August 2010

Subjects: Leadership 1 - Discovering your ministry and Christian Foundations.

Teachers: Jim and Evelyn Palmer.