Ken and Nicky Williams were in Soroti for 2 weeks in October this is their report. During our visit to Soroti last year we saw their obvious need for study Bibles to help them in the ministry.  We were able to send out one each for all those who would be graduating, but what about the new group who would be starting this year?  The weekend before leaving we were given some money by a couple in the church towards more Bibles but we knew we would not be able to get them in time and it would be impossible to take them in our luggage!  But the Lord had already worked that out.  In the summer of this year Tyndale Press together with the Uganda Bible Society agreed to subsidise the Life Application Study Bible for church leaders and were selling them for less that £7!  With the money we had we were able to buy a Bible for every student, and their obvious delight and appreciation was worth more than words can say.

Location: Soroti, Uganda


Date: October 2010

Teachers: Ken and Nicky Williams.