We have held two School Of Ministries this month, one in Marawi State University and the other in the mountainous area of Josephenas. Although they were so different in character, both were blessed. 
The mountain pastors in Josephenas area are very poor with limited education, but they were so appreciative of the teachings on Prophesy and Pastoral Care. They also appreciated that we were willing to go to them in their mountainous region. Being up in the mountains the air was cooler, but the journey there was ‘interesting’ as we travelled along some very muddy and slippery roads because of the heavy rains.
The graduating students at Marawi State University are all very bright young people in their twenties. They are on fire for God and will soon leave the university to go out into life. Quite a number of them are applying to go to other South East Asia nations on mission, through the openings that their professional qualifications will give them. We had a wonderful time with them, teaching them, giving out certificates from the assignments they had completed on the previous visit last October, and opportunities to listen and pray with various students.
Please pray for the two Schools of Ministries we have in February. These are being held in the municipalities of Lala (Maranding) and Baroy. Basil D'Souza and another leader Benny, from his church in India, will be leading these two Schools.

Please also prayer for the next School Of Ministries we have at Marawi State University in March.

Location: Marawi and Josephenas, Mindanao

Date: January 2011

Subjects: Prophesy and Pastoral Care.

Teachers; Jim & Evelyn Palmer