Rwashameire - May 2011
This was another very good school with around 40 students, many of whom are pastors or other quality people. At least 10 churches were represented. There was a good sense of fellowship and worship times were very good. They were all keen to learn and we had many great discussions during the teaching. Admin of the course was good and Pastor Laban did a great job translating. The accomodation for the students was a little better this year. Again we were well looked after and the accomodation was ok although fairly basic.
What is very exciting is that the pastors attending SOM have started to work together to develop unity and a joint vision, and organised a unity conference for all their churches during our middle weekend. They planned in faith for 200 but over 300 came. And they didnt really communicate that they wanted me to do most of the speaking, with Brian Cossins also doing a lot. But it was a great time, with much ministry and a few significant healings.
Namirembe - May 2011
There were around 50 students and again it was a very good week. Good fellowship, organisation and participation. It is humbling to hear so many testimonies about how SOM has changed many pastors lives and ministries. One student from Gulu in the north asked if we could possbly do a school up there where there is a great need. 10 pastors had wanted to come down but could not afford transport.

Location: Rwashameire and Kampala, Uganda

Date: May 2011

Teachers: Graham Bower and Brian Cossins

Subjects: Leadership Part 1 - Discovering your ministry and Prayer and Intercession.