40 key leaders attended the School at Malindi.  In Malindi we had the English Class where Peter Chege taught.  There was gender balance in the participants.  Missionaries, Church planters and aspiring leaders too came.  Leaders had time to pray for one another and share experiences.  They were refreshed and ministered by God’s word.  45 participants attended the Class in Marafa.  Marafa District is also within the semi Sahara Desert.  The land is dry – farming is poor for lack of rain.  Hunger hits the communities all they year round.  Church growth is too slow due to different factors i.e. drought, Islam, and being marginalized. Leaders who attended the school are Church Pastors and leaders who have never gone to any Bible School or hardly have any notes to refer.  The Swahili SOM was very good – for them to understand.

Impact of the school of Ministry;
Many Pastors and Church Planters have been encouraged in their calling and ministry
Pastors have testified of Church growth through the School of Ministry.
Pastors, who had almost given up in the ministry, are restored and strengthened again – Amen!
Personal Observation:
The Pastors of this district are hungry for the Word of God.
Two schools are needed per year and this with help and keep the fire burning in the hearts of the Pastors.

We thank God for the sponsors of the Marafa Swahili School.

Meleckson Dalano.