To our dear sponsors, On behalf of Western Kenya Swahili Barnabas School of Ministries (BSOM), I would like to give a report on the April 2011 School of Ministries that took place in Webuye at Abundant Life Gospel Church.
Our School covers Western Province and the Northern Rift valley. Our target is pastors and other church leaders who can make an impact on the body of Jesus Christ from different denominations. This time, we had 18 students from P.E.F.A, Abundant Life Gospel Church, Kenya Assemblies of God, Pentecostal Assemlies of God, and A.F.C.E.A churches.
The School was a very big success as compared to last year’s School of Ministries. Lessons covered were; School of Prophecy and the School of Prayer. Western Kenya is filled with many churches of which some are cultic. False prophets do mislead many people while others do misuse prayer. Some people who call themselves ‘servants of God’ with the prophetic ministry have really been using divination to deceive even the children of God.  There are ‘special people’ who make special prayers for the others at a fee. It is in such a set up that these two modules were of good help to the participants. They were helped to know real prophechy, how you can determine true prophecy and safeguard the church from conmen who masquerade as prophets of God yet they are wolves in the sheepskin.
Therefore, on behalf of the students and the teachers, I would like to thank you for sponsoring this School of Ministries in Webuye Kenya. May God bless you for the good work that you are doing here. How could these church leaders have known all these if it were not through you? It is our prayer that you will keep on supporting this school.
The other request from the students has always been the frequency of the schools. They feel that having classes once in a year is not sufficient. You will serve them better if they can have classes at least twice in a year. I concur with them on this. All in all, we appreciate for making it possible to have the April School of Ministries.
May the good Lord remember you in the good work that you are doing towards His servants. In the Lord’s service,

Leonard Wafula,
Abundant Life Gospel Church-Webuye, Kenya.