We held the second BM school of ministry in kisasi- kitui on 27th-29th September 2011. This was attended by 24 pastors and aspiring leaders of all ages from different denominations i.e. Deliverance Church, ABC (Africa brotherhood Church), AIC (Africa inland Church), Redeemed Gospel Church and PEFA.
The subject covered were apostolic church planting from the leadership stream and Bible survey, the Gospels from the theological stream. The delegates responded positively, asked relevant questions and were keen listeners. Peter and Ann Chege were the key teachers.
Some of the challenges were water scarcity as a result of prolonged drought. Women had to walk long way very early in the morning to be the first one at the water point. High coast of food was another challenge and accommodation. Despite all these they are eager for a longer SOMS to take place and for a longer period because they come a very long way on their bicycle.

Location: Kitui, Kenya

Date: September 2011

Subjects: Apostolic Church Planting

Teachers: Peter and Ann Chege