The School of Ministries continue to grow in Mindanao. Early in September we held our SOM in Josephinas in the province of Zambouga del Sur. This was with 30 pastors and workers from the United Mountain Ministers Association (UMMA). Life is very hard for them up in the mountains and they appreciate the effort we make to go to them freely with our bible training. Our next Som In September was in Baroy where a good number of pastors and church workers attended. They have already completed 8 modules in our 3 year curriculum of 18 modules. Many of these pastors are very poor and have no bible school training. They are so grateful for our training programme. In October we held another SOM in Mindanoa State University, in the Islamic city of Marawi. The Christian students who attended were in their last year and very much on fire for God. Some of them were planning to use their academic qualifications to work in other southern Asia countries which are closed to the gospel. They were very blessed by the teaching modules, and we had a wonderful time together. At the end of October we held a SOM in Simpak, one of the rice fields churches. Many of these pastors and workers are challenged by the modules because they have had little school education. They are so blessed by the teaching and work so hard to complete the assignments.

Location: Mindano, The Philippines

Date: September to November 2011

Teachers: Jim Palmer, Evelyn Palmer, Jonathan Snellgrove