JAMBO from Kenya, the second leg of the trip took us to Ruiru. Having spent five days in Kibera, Peter and I arrived at the Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) Conference Centre, affectionately nicknamed BLT. A great facility with cultivated gardens complete with exotic birdlife. The Bible centre doubles as a leisure resort at weekends, not that we had much time for leisure activities. Our time in Ruiru was hosted by the Pentecostal Evangelism Fellowship of Africa, PEFA, led locally by Peter and Ann Chege who some may have met when they visited England in 2007. Saturday was a conference at the church attended by 125 ‘local’ leaders, many travelling over ten hours by public transport. On Sunday Peter spoke to a packed congregation, and Monday saw the start of an  intensive 3-day programme of teaching divided between training the teachers and Growing in Christ II. This was attended by a group of 20 students, including two from Kibera and three from New Life Homes, a partner organisation.

The training was well received and the enthusiasm of the students was overwhelming. It is very encouraging that much of  the School of Ministry material has been translated into Kiswahili and is being for training in churches in rural communities. This was a busy but satisfying five days. We did not get much use of the sporting facilities due to the intensity of the programme, the start of the rainy season and a touch of arthritis! But a great trip. Bwana Asifiwe - Praise the Lord.         Eric Skates