It is difficult to put into words the experience that is China. We were overwhelmed, surprised, challenged, shocked all at different times and at the same time. Our first surprise was the 40 leaders waiting for us. They were well dressed, educated, mainly young with the latest mobile phones, laptops and even several iPads. They had come from all over China.  Their  passion, prayer, hunger for God and desire for the Word of God was insatiable. We taught from 9am until 6pm every day and they were attentive for the full programme of teaching. On time for every session they searched the scriptures as we shared with them 4 of the School of Ministries modules.  We were astounded to find that each of those attending had paid personally for the privilege of being present.
China is rapidly growing economically, excellent housing, cars, roads and infrastructure. It was very impressive; we did not feel any sense of oppression or heaviness in the atmosphere. Of course, we were only in one city and are aware that we need to be careful about making definitive conclusions after only 2 weeks in the country. However we certainly need to be careful about what we hear and take notice of with regard to the church in China, the leaders were constantly making us aware of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the last few years. They also encouraged us to visit China to train and teach leaders.
June 2012.