Phil Raw and I along with Basil and his son Jeremy left for Ambala on Monday 27th September. We arrived in Punjab to torrential rain and flooding which fortunately did not affect the SOM in any way. Over 100 leaders attended the 3 day teaching and training which followed. It was encouraging to see a number of young women among the delegates and a considerable number of young men. From this centre churches are being planted from the training programme which takes place in the church. The leader Prakesh Masih is an excellent apostolic father who established and now oversees this work. We taught on the subject of Christian Foundations and were please at the response. Some 15-20 were filled with the Spirit and began to speak with tongues, many were touched by the prophetic word as well as the teaching. We returned to Mumbai with a sense of fulfilment, satisfied we had seen God work deeply in many of the leaders lives.

Location: Ambala, India


Date: September 2012

Subject: Christian Foundations


Teachers: Basil D'Souza, Peter Butt and Phillip Raw