Firstly Glory be to God who is able to achieve what is beyond human being thoughts!
It has been for me a great opportunity to meet with Andrew as Team Leader and Lois Thompson and Lyndon Parker whose purpose was to minister here in Rwanda from 5th-9th November 2012.
I want to emphasis that this journey from all these God’s servants was very important to different pastors including me and I really know that this will make a great improvement to the leaders from these churches here in Rwanda because the Leaders have discovered via these teachings their Characters, how to understand other people and to help people within our churches.
ANDREW’S TEACHINGS; the theme for his teachings was CHARACTER OF A LEADER, These teachings make them aware to recognize the true features or the Character which a Leader must fulfill in order to lead well his people or what the Characters that someone must fulfill in order to appoint him /her as a leader.
LYNDON’S TEACHING; the main theme for his teachings was UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE.
I’m am grateful for the number of leaders who have been taught.
I can’t end this Report without showing clearly the wishes or suggestions from the Participants of this School ministry in Rwanda;
 They wish that these worth teachings could continue here in Rwanda a certain number of years in that who have been trained could get Certificate and be able also to teach the others in order to spread quickly the Gospel worldwide.
 They wish that the courses which have taught by God’s servants from UK should be Translated in National language here in Rwanda which is KINYARWANDA for enable them to understand well their teachings; this could be done for the next school ministry here in Rwanda.

 They wish that these courses should be done twice a year for producing better result outside after a certain number of years.
I can’t finish this Report without thanking so much for the support we’ve given For preparing or Organizing these Teachings.
I sincerely thank you so much because your support has allowed us to achieve our deeds well for creating a good mood while this School ministry in Rwanda.

Bishop Denis Ruhorimbere