Barnabas School of Ministry in Western Kenya took place on 15th and 16th November 2012. In this year, we had only one school that took place at Abundant Life Gospel Church in Webuye town. This school covers most of the western region of Kenya as far as West Pokot, Kakamega and Busia. This time, we had seventeen participants who faithfully attended all lessons. They consisted of pastors, church leaders for women, men, youth and Sunday school teachers. Among them were five women and twelve men. They came from different churches and denominations.

We tackled the module titled Growing in Christ. This lesson had to do with Christ in us and us in Christ. It also deals with baptism and challenges that believers face in their daily walk with God. In this, we learned on how to overcome temptations. Besides that we also learned about the testimony. The course was very exciting. The participants really enjoyed it as they got new insights in their growth into maturity. They were very positive on putting into practice what they had learned.

Besides class work, these church leaders had time in the evening to share their leadership experiences as they were taking meals and fellowshipping. These were moments of joy and pouring out of their hearts as they were sharing their frustrations and moments of joy. It was really a Barnabas moment of encouraging one another in the work of the ministry.

On behalf of Webuye Barnabas School of ministry, I would like to thank the sponsors who have made it possible for the school to be there this year. You gave out your money and materials, apart from praying for the success of the school. May God bless you very much.

We look forward for other classes next year 2013. We do pray that the Lord will help you to accomplish this.

May the Lord be with you always.

Rev. Leonard Wafula, Abundant Life Gospel Church Webuye.